How Do You Color Underline in Canva?

Adding color to your underlines in Canva can add a unique and eye-catching flair to your design. Whether you want to draw attention to a certain section of text or simply add more vibrancy to your design, Canva makes it easy for anyone to create the perfect colored underline.

To start adding color to your underlines in Canva, select the text you’d like to add the effect to. Once you’ve done this, simply click on the Text tab in the top-right corner of the canvas. This will open up a menu with various customization options. You’ll notice an option labeled Underline.

When you click that, a list of various styled lines will appear. From here, simply select which style you’d like and then customize the color by clicking on the Color option. You’ll be able to choose from any range of colors available in Canva.

Canva also offers a few different underline styles that make it easy for users to customize their designs even further. To access these options, click on the same Text tab as before and then select Text Formatting.

Here you’ll find several options for styling your text such as italicizing or bolding it. You’ll also find an option labeled Underline Color. Clicking this will give you access to several different colored lines including rainbow and metallic shades.

Once you’re happy with how your underlined text looks, simply save and export your work from Canva. Your colored underlines will now be visible in any documents or presentation materials you create with Canva.

Conclusion: Coloring underlines in Canva is a simple process that allows anyone to customize their designs quickly and easily. With just a few clicks of their mouse, users can access different styles and colors of lines through the Text tab on the top-right corner of the canvas or through Text Formatting options. Once they have chosen their desired style and color, they can easily save and export their work from Canva so that their colored underlines are visible in all documents or presentation materials they create.