How Do You Do 3D Effect in Figma?

3D Effects in Figma

The process of creating 3D effects in Figma is an exciting, creative experience that can help bring your projects to life. With the power of the Figma platform, you can create stunning 3D visuals with ease. In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of 3D effects in Figma and how to get started with creating your own.

First, let’s take a look at what goes into creating a successful 3D effect. To begin, you’ll need two components: a vector image and a vector shape.

These two elements will combine to create the 3D look that you’re after. The vector image is responsible for providing depth to the effect and should be an object or scene that has a recognizable perspective. The vector shape is then used as an overlay over the vector image, giving it the final 3D effect.

Once you have these two components in place, it’s time to begin creating your 3D effect. The most important part of this process is finding the right balance between detail and simplicity.

Too much detail can make your effect seem cluttered and unappealing; too little detail can make it seem flat and dull. Experiment with various shapes and sizes until you find what works best for your project.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how to create 3D effects in Figma, let’s dive into some of its more advanced features. With Figma’s advanced editing tools, you can easily customize your 3D visuals with things like shadows, reflections, gradients, and more. These features allow you to add dimension, depth, and realism to your project without having to manually create the effects yourself.

Finally, remember that all of your work in Figma is exportable for use elsewhere – so don’t forget about sharing! You can quickly share your work in different formats for use on websites or apps as well as print materials like posters or flyers.


Creating stunning 3D effects in Figma is easy when you have a good understanding of how it works – from selecting vector images and shapes to utilizing its advanced editing tools for customization – using Figma’s powerful platform can help bring any project to life!