How Do You Do a Mockup on Figma?

Designing a product or service with Figma requires a mockup. A mockup is a design tool that helps you quickly create visual representations of your product or service. A mockup can be a great way to communicate your ideas and get feedback from stakeholders before investing time and money into development.

Creating a mockup on Figma is an easy process. To get started, open up Figma, create a new file, and start adding layers.

You’ll have the ability to add different shapes, text boxes, images, and more. Every layer you add can be customized to match your desired look and feel. You can also create multiple frames on the same canvas to show different views of your design.

Once you’ve created the base design, it’s time to add interactions. With Figma, you can easily define how elements should behave when users interact with them.

For example, if you have an image that should expand when clicked on, Figma lets you define this behavior without having to write any code. This allows you to quickly test out different user flows and instantly see how they look in the browser or app.

To make your design more realistic, you’ll want to add components like buttons and forms. Components are pre-made sections of code that allow you to quickly add interactive elements like search bars or dropdown menus without having to write any code yourself. Components also let you save time by reusing elements across multiple designs instead of having to recreate them each time from scratch.

Finally, if you want your designs to look even more polished, Figma offers many great features for styling your design including color themes, typography settings, and more advanced options such as CSS effects like drop shadows or gradients. This allows designers to customize their designs quickly without having to dive into the code themselves each time they want to make changes.

Creating a mockup on Figma can take some time depending on the complexity of your project but it’s definitely worth it in the long run! With its rich set of features and powerful tools for creating interactive designs quickly and easily, it’s no wonder why many designers now consider Figma their go-to tool for designing products and services online.


Overall, creating a mockup on Figma is an easy process with plenty of features for making customizations fast and efficient. From adding layers and defining interactions between elements all the way up to styling with color themes and advanced CSS effects – there’s enough options available in Figma for creating stunning visuals for any type of project.