How Do You Do a Slideshow in Figma?

Creating a slideshow in Figma can be an extremely helpful tool for any designer. It allows them to easily present their ideas to clients or colleagues, and it can even be used as part of a presentation. Slideshows are also great for quickly showing off multiple designs or concepts in one go.

The first step to creating a slideshow in Figma is to open a new file. This file will serve as the main page for the slideshow, and all other slides will be added as separate frames within this page. Once the main page is created, each slide can be created by adding a new frame within the existing page.

When creating each slide, the designer should consider what information they want to include on each slide, such as text, images, videos and animations. Once all of the content has been added, the designer should then add transitions between slides to create a more visually appealing presentation. The transitions can be configured by selecting from various options in Figma’s Transition menu.

Once all of the content and transitions have been added, it’s time to add some finishing touches to make sure that everything looks and works perfectly. The designer should ensure that the slides are properly aligned and sized correctly so that they appear correctly on different devices such as mobile phones or tablets. Additionally, they may want to add animations or interactivity elements such as buttons or links that allow viewers to navigate between slides more easily.

Finally, when everything is ready, it’s time to export the slideshow into an appropriate format for sharing with others. Figma supports exporting slideshows into both HTML and MP4 formats so that they can be viewed on any device with an internet connection or media player respectively.


Creating a slideshow in Figma is an excellent way for designers to showcase their work quickly and easily without needing any additional software tools or plugins. By adding frames within existing pages, adding content such as text, images and videos along with transitions between each slide and finally exporting into an appropriate format for sharing with others – designers have all of the tools needed at their disposal when creating stunning slideshow presentations using Figma.