How Do You Do Bubble Writing on Canva?

Bubble writing is a fun and creative way to add a unique touch to your designs. It can be used for titles, logos, and even as decorative elements. With Canva, you can easily create bubble writing for any of your projects.

To get started, open up Canva and select the Text tab from the menu on the left-hand side. You’ll then be able to choose from various text options. Select “Bubble” from the list of styles.

Once you’ve chosen the bubble style, you’ll be able to customize it further by changing its size, color, font style, and more.

You can also choose whether or not you want it to have an outline or a shadow effect. If you want to add a bit more flair to your design, you can also add additional bubbles around your text.

If you want to create something truly unique with your bubble writing text, you can use Canva’s shape tools to shape it into something special. Simply select the shape that you would like and then drag it around your text until it fits perfectly in place.

Once you’ve finished creating your bubble writing with Canva, all that’s left to do is export it into the format of your choice such as PDF or PNG. You can also save it directly into your Canva library so that you can access it anytime in the future.

Creating bubble writing with Canva is easy and fun! With its customizable features and shape tools, users will be able to create unique designs in no time at all. Whether they’re making titles or logos or just adding some extra flair to their project – bubble writing on Canva will make any design stand out!