How Do You Draw Illustrations in Figma?

Creating illustrations in Figma is a great way to produce visually appealing images for your projects. It is a powerful vector-based design tool, and provides many options for creating unique illustrations. If you’re looking to create an illustration for your website, a poster, or any other project, Figma is the perfect choice.

In order to draw illustrations in Figma you first need to set up your canvas. You can do this by selecting the size of your canvas in the top toolbar then click on “Create New”.

This will open up a blank canvas with a grid that you can use as a guide when drawing shapes. It is important to note that all elements in Figma are vector-based, meaning they can be manipulated and resized without losing quality.

Next, you will need to select the shapes and tools that you want to use while drawing. You can choose from Circle, Rectangle, Line and Arc tools as well as other shapes like Polygon or Star.

You can also choose from different stroke types such as dashed lines or arrows. After selecting the shapes and tools you want to use, simply drag them onto the canvas where you want them.

Once your shapes are on the canvas, you can begin adding details such as color and texture. On the right-hand side of the screen there is a color picker which allows you to select from a range of colors or enter specific hex codes if desired. You can also edit each shape’s stroke weight, corner radius and add shadows if desired.

The last step in creating an illustration in Figma is exporting it for use elsewhere. To do this simply click on File > Export As > PNG or SVG depending on what type of image file format you wish to save it as.

Conclusion: Drawing illustrations in Figma requires setting up your canvas size then selecting the desired shapes and tools from the toolbar. After adding details such as color and texture, simply export it for use elsewhere by clicking File > Export As > PNG or SVG depending on what type of image file format you wish to save it as. With Figma’s powerful vector-based design capabilities, creating illustrations has never been easier!