How Do You Link a Frame in Figma?

When using Figma, a popular design tool, it can be essential to know how to link frames together. Linking frames allows for a better user experience in your designs by allowing users to quickly jump from one frame to another. This can help you create a more interactive and engaging user experience.

To link frames in Figma, you first need to open the frame you would like to link from. To do this, simply click the frame in your project’s list of layers or double-click it on the canvas.

You will then see an “Add Link” button appear in the top right corner of the canvas. Click that button and then select the frame that you would like to link to.

You have several options when linking frames:

Link Type: You can select whether or not you want your link to open in the same page or if it should open in a new window when clicked.

Link Text: You can customize what text will appear as the link.

Link Style: You can also choose how your link will be styled such as underlined or color coded.

Once you have selected your desired settings for linking frames, simply click ‘Save’ and your new links will be enabled! By linking frames within Figma, you are able to create more engaging user experiences by allowing users to quickly move between frames.


Linking frames within Figma is a great way of creating a more engaging user experience. To do so, simply open the frame you would like to link from and click on the ‘Add Link’ button at the top right corner of the canvas.

Then select which frame you would like it linked to and choose any additional settings such as type, text and style before clicking ‘Save’. With these steps, your users will be able to quickly move between frames for an improved design experience.