How Do You Make a Bevel Gear in SolidWorks?

Creating a bevel gear in SolidWorks can seem like a daunting task, but with the right approach, it can be done efficiently and accurately. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a bevel gear using SolidWorks’ powerful tools and features.

Step 1: Creating a New Part
To begin, open SolidWorks and start a new part document. You can do this by navigating to ‘File’ > ‘New’ > ‘Part’. This will create a blank canvas for you to work on.

Step 2: Sketching the Base Circle
The first step in creating a bevel gear is to sketch the base circle. This circle will serve as the foundation for our gear.

To do this, select the ‘Circle’ tool from the sketch toolbar or use the shortcut key ‘C’. Click on the origin point of your part document and drag to create the circle. Specify its diameter according to your design requirements.

Step 3: Adding Teeth to the Gear
Next, we need to add teeth to our gear. To do this, select the ‘Line’ tool from the sketch toolbar or use the shortcut key ‘L’.

Draw lines radially from the center of the base circle towards its outer edge. These lines will represent individual gear teeth.

Step 4: Creating Gear Profiles
To make our gear more realistic and functional, we need to create profiles for each tooth. Start by selecting one of the lines you drew earlier, then choose the ‘Convert Entities’ tool from the sketch toolbar or use the shortcut key ‘C’. This will convert your line into an editable spline.

With your spline selected, activate the ‘Spline Point’ tool from the sketch toolbar or use shortcut key ‘S’. Add control points along your spline to manipulate its shape and create an aesthetically pleasing gear profile. Repeat this process for each tooth, ensuring consistency in shape and size.

Step 5: Extruding the Gear
Once you have created your gear profiles, it’s time to extrude them and give them thickness. Select the ‘Extrude Boss/Base’ tool from the toolbar or use the shortcut key ‘E’.

Choose the desired thickness for your gear teeth and click ‘OK’. SolidWorks will now extrude your profiles into 3D objects, representing the gear teeth.

Step 6: Adding a Shaft Hole
To make our bevel gear usable, we need to add a shaft hole at its center. Select the ‘Circle’ tool from the sketch toolbar or use shortcut key ‘C’. Draw a circle at the center of your base circle, ensuring it has an appropriate diameter to accommodate your shaft.

Step 7: Cutting the Shaft Hole
Now that we have sketched our shaft hole, we need to cut it through our gear. Select the ‘Extruded Cut’ tool from the toolbar or use shortcut key ‘B’.

Choose ‘Through All’ as your end condition and click ‘OK’. SolidWorks will now subtract the shaft hole from your gear, making it ready for assembly.

Final Thoughts:
Creating a bevel gear in SolidWorks may seem intricate at first, but by following these steps and utilizing SolidWorks’ powerful features, you can produce accurate and functional gears for various applications. Remember to pay attention to detail when sketching teeth profiles and ensuring proper dimensions. With practice and experimentation, you can master this essential skill in no time!

  • Tips:
    • Experiment with different tooth profiles to achieve different gear functionalities.
    • Use reference images or existing gear designs as a guide.
    • Make use of SolidWorks’ mirror and pattern features to create more complex gear arrangements.
  • Warnings:
    • Ensure that your gear dimensions and ratios are suitable for your specific application.
    • Always double-check your design before production to avoid any potential issues.
    • Be mindful of the manufacturing capabilities and limitations of the equipment you will be using.

Now you know how to create a bevel gear in SolidWorks!


SolidWorks: A powerful 3D CAD software used for designing mechanical components and assemblies.

Spline: A smooth curve that passes through or near specified points, allowing for flexible shape manipulation.


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