How Do You Make a Brand Board in Canva?

Creating a brand board is an important part of any business marketing strategy. It helps you to define and communicate the visual elements of your brand identity in a consistent, cohesive way.

Canva is an online graphic design platform that makes it easy to create stunning visuals for your brand, including a brand board. With Canva, you can quickly and easily create a brand board that will help you ensure your branding remains consistent across all channels.

To get started, log into your Canva account and select the “Brand Board” template from the list of available templates. This will give you a blank canvas on which to create your design.

You can then add elements such as logos, fonts, colors, images, and other visual elements that reflect the style and personality of your brand. If needed, you can even make adjustments to the template to better suit your needs.

Once you have all the individual elements for your board added to the template, it’s time to arrange them into an aesthetically pleasing composition. Group related elements together using frames or shapes and use alignment tools to make sure everything is lined up properly. You can also add text or icons if needed.

When everything is arranged in a way that reflects your branding vision, it’s time to apply some finishing touches. Use background colors or patterns that match with your branding scheme and consider adding textured overlays or filters to create more depth and interest in your design.


Creating a brand board in Canva is an easy and effective way to ensure consistency throughout all of your marketing efforts. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of design options, Canva makes it simple for anyone—even those without advanced graphic design skills—to create beautiful visuals for their business.