How Do You Make a Circle Sticker on Canva?

Making a circle sticker on Canva is easy with its user-friendly interface. Canva is an online design platform that allows users to create designs for various purposes, including stickers. With Canva, you can create custom stickers quickly and easily.

To begin making a circle sticker on Canva, open the platform and select “Create a Design” from the homepage. You will be prompted to choose the size of your design. Select “Sticker” from the drop-down menu and then choose a size for your sticker.

Once you have selected a size for your sticker, you will be taken to the design page where you can customize it.

On this page, you will see a range of templates and designs which you can use as a base for your sticker or start from scratch. If starting from scratch, select “Elements” from the left-hand menu and then select “Shapes” from the submenu. From here you can select a range of shapes including circles, squares, triangles and more.

Once you have selected your shape, drag it onto the design canvas and then adjust its dimensions by dragging it to make it smaller or larger as desired. You can also adjust its color or add text if desired. To make it into a circle sticker, click on “Download” at the top right corner of the page and select “PNG” as the file type before pressing “Download” again to save your circle sticker onto your device.


Creating a circle sticker on Canva is easy with its intuitive design platform and user-friendly interface. Simply select “Sticker” when creating a design, choose your desired size, drag in shapes to make it into a circle shape, customize it with colors or text if desired and then download it as PNG before saving it onto your device.