How Do You Make a Clickable Figma?

Creating clickable Figma prototypes is an easy way to showcase your designs and give stakeholders a quick and interactive way to experience your work. With Figma, you can create interactive prototypes that allow you to test user flows, animations, and link different screens together. Plus, with the ability to view it on any device, you can truly test how users will interact with your design.

In order to create clickable Figma prototypes, the first step is to create your design. Depending on what you’re designing for, this could be a website layout, mobile app design, or something else entirely. Once you’ve completed your design in Figma, it’s time to turn it into a prototype.

To begin creating a clickable prototype in Figma, start by selecting the “Prototype” tab in the top toolbar. This will show you all of the screens in your project that can be linked together. You can then select two or more frames and use the “Connect” feature in the top toolbar to link them together.

Once those connections are made, double-click on one of them and you’ll see additional options for how that interaction should work. You can choose from a variety of transition effects such as slide or fade for when one page transitions into another. Additionally, you can set whether this transition should be triggered by clicking on an object or hovering over it.

After setting up all of the transitions between different frames of your prototype, it’s time to add interactions. This is done by selecting an object on one of the frames and then using the “Interactions” tab in the top toolbar. Here you can set up interactions such as when a user clicks on an object they should go to another frame or open up another window.

Once all of these settings are configured correctly for each object within each frame of your prototype then it’s ready to be shared with others.

Creating clickable prototypes in Figma is an easy way to quickly demonstrate how users could interact with your designs. With just a few clicks and some simple configuration settings you can quickly create interactive prototypes that allow people to get an idea of what using your product would be like.


Creating clickable Figma prototypes is fairly straightforward when following these steps: first create your design in Figma; next use the “Prototype” tab in the top toolbar; then select two frames and use “Connect” feature; double-click on one connection and choose transition effects; lastly add interactions using “Interactions” tab. After configuring those settings correctly for each frame within your prototype then it’s ready to be shared with others!