How Do You Make a Moving Part in SolidWorks?

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a moving part in SolidWorks. Creating a moving part is essential when designing assemblies that require components to interact with each other. SolidWorks provides several tools and features that make it easy to create these moving parts.

Step 1: Create the Base Component

The first step in creating a moving part is to design the base component. This component will serve as the foundation for the moving part.

To create the base component:

  1. Open SolidWorks and create a new part document.
  2. Design the base component using various sketching and modeling tools available in SolidWorks.
  3. Saving the base component is important for references later on.

Step 2: Create the Moving Component

The next step is to design the moving component that will interact with the base component. This could be a rotating shaft, sliding mechanism, or any other type of movement you want to achieve.

To create the moving component:

  1. Create a new part document, similar to how you created the base component.
  2. Design the moving component, keeping in mind its interaction with the base component.
  3. Saving the moving component is crucial for future reference as well.

Step 3: Insert Components into an Assembly

Once you have created both the base and moving components, it’s time to insert them into an assembly. The assembly environment allows you to bring together multiple components and define their relationships.

To insert components into an assembly:

  1. Open a new assembly document.
  2. Insert the base component by browsing for the saved file.
  3. Insert the moving component, ensuring it is properly aligned and positioned with respect to the base component.
  4. Use mates and constraints to define how the moving component should interact with the base component. This could include specifying rotation, translation, or any other type of movement.

Step 4: Test and Animate the Moving Part

Once you have inserted and defined the relationship between the components in the assembly, it’s time to test and animate the moving part. SolidWorks provides powerful animation tools that allow you to simulate and visualize how your design will behave.

To test and animate the moving part:

  1. Navigate to the Motion Study tab in SolidWorks.
  2. Create a new motion study by defining keyframes, time duration, and other parameters.
  3. Add motion to the moving part by specifying its desired movement over time.
  4. Preview and play the animation to see how your moving part behaves within the assembly.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a moving part in SolidWorks.

By following these steps, you can design complex assemblies with dynamic components that interact with each other. Remember to save your work regularly and experiment with different mates and constraints to achieve your desired movement.


  • Use the Design Library to quickly access commonly used components and features.
  • Take advantage of SolidWorks’ extensive documentation and online resources for additional guidance and support.
  • Experiment with different motion study options to create realistic animations of your moving part.

Now that you know the process, go ahead and start creating your own moving parts in SolidWorks. Happy designing!