How Do You Make a Storyboard on Canva?

Making a storyboard on Canva is an easy and efficient way to create a visual representation of your idea or project. It allows you to quickly brainstorm and organize your thoughts visually, making it easier to present them to others.

When creating a storyboard on Canva, the first step is to choose a template or start from scratch. There are several ready-made templates that you can choose from, or you can start with a blank canvas and create your own design. Whichever option you choose, it’s important to keep in mind the purpose of the storyboard and how it will be used.

Once you’ve chosen a template or started with a blank canvas, the next step is to add elements to your storyboard. You can add images, text boxes, shapes, lines, backgrounds and more using the Canva library full of stock photos and illustrations. If you need something more specific for your project, there are also options for uploading your own images or icons as well.

The next step is to arrange all the elements of your storyboard into an organized layout that conveys your idea effectively. You can use lines and arrows to map out the flow of your storyboard or make use of grids and boxes for an organized look. Keep in mind that each element should be placed strategically so that viewers can easily understand what is being conveyed in each frame.

Finally, once all the elements have been added and arranged into an organized layout it’s time to give your storyboard some finishing touches by adding color schemes, font styles and other design elements as needed. This will help bring life to your project and make sure that it stands out from others.


Making a storyboard on Canva is simple and straightforward when you follow these steps: choose a template or start from scratch; add elements using the library; arrange them into an organized layout; give it finishing touches with color schemes and font styles; share! With Canva’s user-friendly design platform anyone can create beautiful visuals in no time at all!