How Do You Make a Wrap in Figma?

Making a wrap in Figma is a great way to add a professional finish to any design project. It can be used to give your designs a unique look, as well as adding a layer of protection from the elements. With Figma’s easy-to-use interface, it’s never been easier to create the perfect wrap.

The first step in creating a wrap in Figma is to select the area you want wrapped. You can do this by using the selection tool and drawing an outline around the area you want wrapped. Once this is done, you can then select the ‘Wrap’ button at the top of the screen.

From there, you will be able to choose what type of wrap you would like. You have the option of choosing between regular or glossy finishes, and even adding an image if desired. When selecting your finish, you can also choose between different colors to make sure that the wrap matches your design perfectly.

Once you have chosen your wrap type and color, it’s time to apply it. This is done by selecting ‘Apply Wrap’ from the top of the screen and clicking on your selection. The wrap will then be applied and ready for use.

After applying your wrap, it’s important to check it for accuracy and make sure that everything looks correct. You should also check for any errors that may have occurred during application and make sure they are corrected before proceeding further.


Making a wrap in Figma is simple and straightforward process which allows designers to give their projects an added layer of protection while also making them look more professional. By following these steps, anyone can create great looking wraps in no time at all!