How Do You Make Design Tokens on Figma?

Design tokens are a powerful tool for designers and developers alike. They provide an easy way to define and maintain consistent visual design across multiple projects. With design tokens, designers can create a unified visual language across their products, while developers can ensure that all the elements of a product look and behave in the same way.

What are Design Tokens?
Design tokens are small pieces of code that define a particular visual design element, such as color, typography, spacing, and more. For example, a color token might be used to define the exact shade of blue used in a product’s interface. These tokens can then be referenced by designers and developers throughout the entire product’s development process to ensure that all elements look and behave in the same way.

How Do You Make Design Tokens on Figma?
Creating design tokens on Figma is simple and straightforward.

All you need to do is open up Figma, select the “Design Tokens” tab from the left-hand panel, then click “Create Token” to begin defining your token. From there you can specify its name, type (i.e., color or typography), value (i., hex code or font size), and any other properties you’d like to add. Once your token is saved it will appear in your project’s Design Tokens list where it can easily be referenced when needed.

Using Design Tokens in Your Designs
Once you’ve created your design tokens they can easily be used throughout your designs on Figma by simply selecting them from the Design Tokens tab or dragging them directly onto an element on your canvas. This makes it incredibly easy to ensure that all of your designs use consistent values for colors, typography, spacing, etc., without having to manually enter each value every time you create something new.

Conclusion: Making design tokens on Figma is an easy process that allows designers and developers alike to quickly and efficiently create consistent visual designs across multiple products or projects. With just a few clicks of the mouse you can define any number of custom design tokens with specific values for colors, typography, spacing, etc., which can then be referenced throughout your designs with ease – making sure everything looks exactly as it should!