How Do You Make Multiple Copies in SketchUp?

Welcome to this tutorial on how to make multiple copies in SketchUp!

Step 1: Select the Object

To begin, select the object you want to make multiple copies of. You can do this by simply clicking on the object with the select tool.

Step 2: Activate the Move Tool

Once you have selected your object, activate the move tool by clicking on its icon in the toolbar or by pressing “M” on your keyboard.

Step 3: Make the First Copy

To create your first copy, click on a point on your screen where you want to place it. You will see a ghost image of your object as you move it around. Click again to place the copy in its new location.


If you want to make an exact copy in a specific direction, hold down the Ctrl key (or Option key on Mac) while making the copy. This will restrict its movement to a straight line.

Step 4: Make Additional Copies

To make additional copies, simply follow these steps:

  • Select the original object again if it’s not already selected.
  • Activate the move tool by pressing “M”.
  • Click on any point and move it to create another copy.
  • You can repeat this process as many times as you need to create multiple copies of your object.


If you want to quickly make multiple copies without having to repeat these steps each time, use SketchUp’s array feature. To access it, go to Window > Model Info > Dimensions > Enable Length Snapping. This will allow you to specify the distance between each copy as you create them.

Step 5: Edit and Transform Copies

Once you have made multiple copies of your object, you can edit and transform them individually or as a group. You can select, move, rotate, scale, or delete any of the copies as needed.


If you want to make changes to all the copies at once, you can select them all by either using the select tool and dragging a selection box around them or by holding down the Shift key and clicking on each copy individually. This will allow you to apply changes collectively.

Congratulations! You now know how to make multiple copies in SketchUp. Whether you need to create duplicates for architectural designs, furniture layouts, or any other project, this technique will save you time and effort.

Remember to practice and experiment with different tools and features in SketchUp to enhance your modeling skills!