How Do You Manipulate Letters in Figma?

Here at Figma, we understand how important it is to have the ability to manipulate letters for your designs. This is why we have implemented tools and features to help you achieve this easily.

One of the main ways you can manipulate letters in Figma is by using the Text tool. With this, you can change the font size, line height, font weight, letter spacing and more.

You can even use the Transform tool to rotate or scale individual characters.

The next way that you can manipulate letters is by using our ‘Styles’ feature. With this feature you can save your lettering styles and apply them to any text box quickly and easily. Our ‘Character Styles’ let you save your text formatting as a style so that it can be applied with one click.

Finally, we also offer a range of plugins that allow you to further customize and manipulate letters in Figma. These plugins give you access to a selection of advanced editing features such as kerning and ligatures.

In conclusion, Figma provides you with all the tools necessary for manipulating letters for your designs. Whether it’s through our Text tool, Styles feature or through one of our plugins, we make sure that customizing lettering is made easy for everyone!