How Do You Mask a Pen Tool in Figma?

The Pen Tool in Figma is an incredibly powerful and flexible design tool, enabling designers to create complex shapes, curves and other intricate features. It is also a highly interactive tool, allowing users to quickly adjust their designs on the fly.

However, it can often be difficult to keep track of all the elements of your design when working with the Pen Tool. This is where Masking comes in.

Masking in Figma is a feature that allows you to hide or “mask” certain elements from view. This can be particularly useful when working with the Pen Tool, as it makes it easier to focus on the specific areas of your design that you want to modify or adjust. Masking will also help keep your design organized and help ensure that all elements are in the correct position relative to each other.

To mask a Pen Tool in Figma, first select the element(s) you wish to mask from your canvas (i.e., select the group or individual paths). Then simply click on the ‘Mask’ button at the top left corner of your canvas (or use its shortcut CMD+Shift+M).

This will apply a mask over your selected elements and make them invisible from view. To unmask an element from its mask, simply click on its layer and press CMD+Shift+U or alternatively select ‘Unmask’ from its context menu. You can also apply multiple masks for different parts of your design if needed by selecting multiple elements and then clicking on ‘Mask’ button again.

In addition to hiding elements, Masking can also be used for other effects such as creating shadows, or making certain parts of your design more visible than others by adjusting their opacity levels. You can even use Masking to create smooth transitions between two objects by applying a gradient mask over them.

Overall, Masking in Figma is an incredibly helpful feature that can greatly improve your workflow when working with complex designs and intricate shapes using the Pen Tool. It enables you to quickly hide or reveal certain elements while keeping your design organized, as well as create stylish effects such as shadows and gradients.


Masking is an invaluable feature for designers who useFigma’s Pen Tool for complex designs – it enables themto quickly hide orrevealcertain elements while keeping their projectsorganizedand creating stylish effects like shadowsand gradients. By understanding howto maskaPen ToolsinFigma,designerswillbe ableto workwith more creativityand efficiencywhileproducing high-quality projects.