How Do You Paste a GIF Into Figma?

Adding a GIF to Figma is a great way to add visual interest and movement to your designs. GIFs can be used to communicate ideas or provide context, making them an invaluable tool for graphic designers.

Fortunately, Figma makes it easy to add GIFs to your designs with a few simple steps.

Step 1: Find the Perfect GIF.

The first step in adding a GIF to Figma is finding the perfect one. There are plenty of sites that offer free GIF images, such as Giphy, Imgur, and Tenor. Once you’ve found the perfect image for your project, you’ll need to download it onto your computer.

Step 2: Add the GIF to Figma.

Once you have downloaded your GIF file, open up Figma and select the frame you want to add it to. Then simply drag and drop the file into the frame or click on “Add Image” and select your file from the pop-up window. The GIF will now appear in your design!

Step 3: Resize and Position Your GIF.

Now that you have added your GIF, you can resize and position it however you like. To do this, simply click on the image and use the selection handles at each corner of the image frame to resize it. You can also move it around within its frame by clicking on its center point and dragging it into place.

Step 4: Adjust Your Image Settings.

Finally, you can adjust some of the settings of your image by selecting “Image Settings” from the right-hand menu bar in Figma. Here you can adjust brightness and contrast as well as choose whether or not to include a background color or blur effect on your image.

Adding a GIF into Figma is quick and easy! All you need is a compatible image file that you can drag into a frame in Figma and then resize or move around as needed. You can even adjust some of its settings using Figma’s Image Settings menu bar for an even more personalized look!