How Do You Play Figma Ninja?

Figma Ninja is an online game that puts your design skills to the test. It was created by Figma, a popular design platform, and has quickly become a favorite among designers who are looking for a fun and challenging way to hone their skills.

In Figma Ninja, you play as a ninja who is tasked with completing various design challenges. These challenges range from creating logos to constructing web pages or mobile applications.

You must complete each challenge within the allotted time while also making sure that your design meets all of the criteria set out by the game.

The game is broken down into different levels, each one increasing in difficulty. As you progress through the levels, you earn rewards such as new ninja costumes and weapons which can be used to help you tackle more difficult challenges.

You can also purchase additional items with coins earned from completing levels.

Figma Ninja also includes several multiplayer modes where players can compete against each other in real time or compete against bots in asynchronous matches. This allows players to have fun while testing their skills against others from around the world.

How Do You Play Figma Ninja?

To get started playing Figma Ninja, simply sign up for a free account and log in to the game with your username and password. Once logged in, you will be able to choose from several tutorials and practice levels which will help you learn the basics of designing on Figma before tackling more difficult challenges. From there, simply select a level to begin playing and complete as many tasks as possible within the allotted time.


Playing Figma Ninja is easy and fun! Simply sign up for an account, choose from tutorials or practice levels to learn how to design on Figma, then select a level and start playing! With its varied levels of difficulty and multiple multiplayer modes, it’s an ideal way for designers to test their skills against other players or bots.