How Do You Play Videos on Figma Prototype?

Figma Prototype is a powerful prototyping tool that helps developers to create highly interactive prototypes. It allows developers to quickly and easily create user interfaces, animations, and other interactions for their projects.

With Figma, developers can also play videos as part of their prototypes. This feature can be used to demonstrate the functionality of a product or to showcase an idea in a more engaging way.

To add a video to your Figma Prototype, you will first need to upload the video file into the project. Once uploaded, you can select the video and drag it into your prototype.

You will then be able to adjust the size of the video and its position on the page. Once you have it where you want it, you can then add any interactions or animations you wish.

When playing a video in Figma Prototype, there are several options available. You can choose whether or not to loop the video, as well as whether or not to show controls such as volume and playback speed. Additionally, you can set whether or not users can pause and rewind the video during playback.

You can also add custom transitions between different parts of your video. This allows for smooth transitions between different scenes without needing to manually fade out one scene and fade in another. Additionally, you can also add audio tracks with different sound effects for added realism.


Figma Prototype is an excellent prototyping tool that allows developers to quickly create user interfaces and animations for their projects. It also offers the ability to play videos within the prototype which makes demonstrating ideas much more engaging. With Figma Prototype’s various options for playing videos such as looping, adding custom transitions and audio tracks, developers now have greater control over how they present their ideas.