How Do You Put a Watermark on a YouTube Video in Canva?

If you are looking to protect your content on YouTube, adding a watermark to your video is a great way to do so. Watermarking your video helps you maintain ownership of your content, and can also be used as a branding tool. Fortunately, Canva makes it easy for anyone to add a watermark to a YouTube video with just a few simple steps.

To get started, open Canva and select the ‘YouTube Thumbnail’ option from the drop-down menu. This will open up the canvas with the preset dimensions of 1280×720.

Now upload or drag and drop your desired image onto the canvas and position it in the desired location. You can also use one of Canva’s free stock images if you don’t have an image handy.

Next, click on ‘Elements’ in the side menu and select ‘Text’. Type in whatever text you want to be used as your watermark and then customize its font, size, color, etc. Once you are satisfied with the look of your watermark, drag and drop it onto the canvas over your image.

Finally, click on ‘Save As’ at the top right corner of the screen and save your file as an MP4 or MOV file depending on what format you prefer for YouTube. When finished, upload this file to YouTube as usual.

In conclusion, adding a watermark to a YouTube video using Canva is an easy process that requires only a few steps. With this method, you can easily protect your content while also adding an additional layer of branding or identity to it.