How Many Employees Does Figma?

Figma is a popular web-based design tool that is used by many professionals in the field. It is an intuitive and collaborative platform that enables users to create high-quality designs quickly and easily. Figma offers a host of features such as vector editing, prototyping, and version control, making it an ideal choice for both experienced and novice designers alike.

Figma has grown significantly since its launch in 2012, with more than 5 million active users worldwide. As a result of this growth, the company now employs 800 people across five offices in San Francisco, London, Tokyo, Vancouver and Amsterdam. This team is composed of experienced engineers, product designers, product managers, marketing experts and customer service representatives.

The engineering team at Figma is responsible for building the tools used by designers to create their work. They are focused on bringing new features to the platform while also optimizing existing features. The product design team works on the user experience of Figma by creating intuitive interfaces that are easy to use.

The product management team manages the roadmap for Figma’s development. They are responsible for ensuring that features are released in a timely manner and are meeting user needs. The marketing team works on getting the word out about Figma through various channels such as blogs, social media platforms and events.

Finally, the customer service team provides support for users who have questions or need help using the platform. They provide quick responses to issues reported by users so that they can continue using Figma without any disruption.


Figma has grown exponentially over the years thanks to its intuitive interface and powerful features. The company currently employs 800 people across five offices around the world who work together to bring new features to their users while also providing excellent customer service. Therefore, it can be concluded that Figma currently has 800 employees working for them around the world.