How Many Team Members Can You Have on Canva Pro?

Canva Pro is a powerful online design software that helps you create stunning visuals with ease. It has an intuitive interface and a wide range of tools and features that make designing a breeze. But one of the questions people often have is, how many team members can you have on Canva Pro?

The answer is, it depends. Canva Pro offers different subscription plans depending on your needs.

For instance, the Basic plan allows up to two team members, while the Pro plan allows up to five team members. If you need more than five team members, you can purchase an Enterprise plan which allows up to 20 team members.

Moreover, there are additional features available for each plan. For example, the Basic plan includes unlimited access to Canva’s library of photos and illustrations, as well as access to basic templates and backgrounds. The Pro plan includes all those features plus access to advanced templates and backgrounds.

In addition to this, Canva Pro also offers a free plan for personal use which allows one user but does not include any additional features. This free plan can be used for basic projects such as creating flyers or posters.


Canva Pro is an incredibly powerful design tool that helps you create stunning visuals quickly and easily. Depending on your needs, it offers different subscription plans with varying levels of team member allowance – from two users in the Basic Plan up to 20 users in the Enterprise Plan – as well as additional features such as access to templates and backgrounds. There is also a free version available for personal use which only allows one user but does not include any extra features.