How Much Does Canva Cost?

Canva is a powerful design platform that can help you create stunning visuals for work, home, or social media. But how much does Canva cost?

It depends on what level of service you need.

Canva offers a free version with basic features, allowing you to create designs with limited options. If you need more from Canva, there are two paid plans – Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise.

Canva Pro is the most popular plan, costing $12.95 USD per month (or $119.40 USD per year). It comes with additional features such as customizable templates, advanced text editing tools and access to millions of photos and illustrations. It also includes unlimited folders to organize your designs and allows you to collaborate with up to 10 team members.

Canva for Enterprise is the most comprehensive plan available, offering additional features such as custom branding options, priority support, and more advanced analytics.

Prices start at $30 USD per month (or $300 USD per year) for each user.

For those who want to test out the platform before committing, Canva also offers a 14-day free trial of the Pro membership plan.

Overall, Canva’s pricing plans are competitively priced and offer a range of features that make it an excellent choice for professionals of all levels.

In conclusion, how much does Canva cost? Depending on the level of service you need, prices range from free plans to Pro plans at $12.40 USD per year) and Enterprise plans starting at $30 USD per month (or $300 USD per year) for each user. Those who want to test out the platform can also take advantage of its 14-day free trial.