Is Canva for Education Free?

Canva for Education is a free online graphic design platform, created by the popular online design and publishing platform Canva. The Canva for Education platform aims to make graphic design accessible to learners of all ages and abilities.

It has been designed to help students create professional-looking graphics and presentations, without needing any prior knowledge or experience in graphic design.

Canva for Education is a great tool for teachers as it provides them with a wealth of features, tools and resources that can be used in the classroom. The platform offers a huge range of templates, illustrations and icons which can be used to create custom graphics.

It also provides students with access to millions of stock photos, allowing them to create stunning visuals for their projects. Additionally, Canva for Education allows students to collaborate on projects via Google Classroom integration.

In addition to its powerful design tools, Canva for Education also offers an educational section which includes tutorials and guides on topics such as designing infographics, creating logos or posters and making presentations. This makes it an invaluable resource for teachers looking to introduce their students to the world of graphic design.

So is Canva For Education Free?

Yes! Canva For Education is completely free for all users – both teachers and students alike.

It is a great resource for anyone interested in learning how to create professional-looking graphics with ease.


Canva For Education is an excellent free online design platform that can help teachers and students alike learn the basics of graphic design. With its wide range of templates, illustrations and icons; plus tutorials, guides and Google Classroom integration, it is easy to see why so many educators are turning to this platform when they need help creating professional looking visuals.