Is Canva Premium Free for Students?

Canva is an online design platform which allows users to create professional designs without any prior knowledge of graphic design. It has a free version and a paid membership, Canva Premium. Canva Premium offers additional features such as access to premium templates, unlimited storage, and the ability to create custom branding elements like logos and color palettes.

For students, Canva Premium offers a discounted rate, making it more affordable for them to access all the features that Canva has to offer. Students can take advantage of the discounted rate by signing up with a valid .edu email address.

This discount is then applied to their subscription rate making their monthly payment much lower than if they had signed up for the regular membership.

Canva also offers other discounts for educators, non-profits, and businesses. These discounts are designed to make it easier and more affordable for these organizations to use Canva’s services without having to pay full price for a subscription.

The discounted rate offered by Canva makes it possible for students and other organizations on limited budgets to access all the features of Canva without breaking their bank account. The ease of use combined with the affordability makes Canva an attractive option for anyone looking to create professional designs quickly and easily.


Yes, Canva Premium is free for students with valid .edu email addresses when they sign up for the discounted rate offered by Canva. This discount makes it possible for students on limited budgets or who cannot afford the full price of a subscription to still use all of the features offered by Canva Premium.