Is Nvidia Quadro P620 Good for SolidWorks?

The Nvidia Quadro P620 is a popular choice among professionals for its compatibility with various CAD and 3D modeling software. If you are considering using SolidWorks for your design projects, you may be wondering if the Quadro P620 is a good fit. In this article, we will explore the capabilities of the Quadro P620 and its suitability for SolidWorks.

Why is a dedicated GPU important for SolidWorks?

SolidWorks is a demanding software that requires a powerful graphics processing unit (GPU) to handle complex 3D models and renderings. While many modern CPUs come with integrated graphics, they are often not sufficient for handling the resource-intensive tasks involved in SolidWorks.

A dedicated GPU, like the Nvidia Quadro P620, is specifically designed to handle the high-performance requirements of professional applications such as SolidWorks. It offers superior rendering capabilities, better stability, and optimized drivers that are fine-tuned for CAD software.

Performance and Features

The Nvidia Quadro P620 features Pascal architecture with 512 CUDA cores, which ensures excellent performance in SolidWorks. Its 2GB GDDR5 memory provides ample space for loading large assemblies and complex models without compromising on performance.

Moreover, the Quadro P620 supports multiple displays, allowing you to work on multiple projects simultaneously or have a larger workspace to view your designs in greater detail. This is particularly useful when working on large assemblies or analyzing intricate parts.


  • Driver Support: Nvidia has a solid track record of providing regular driver updates for its Quadro series GPUs. These updates not only improve performance but also ensure compatibility with the latest version of SolidWorks.
  • Certifications: The Quadro P620 is certified by Dassault Systèmes as a SolidWorks-certified graphics card. This certification ensures that the Quadro P620 meets the recommended standards for performance, stability, and compatibility with SolidWorks.

Benefits of the Quadro P620

  • Real-Time Rendering: The Quadro P620 offers real-time ray tracing capabilities, allowing you to visualize your designs with stunning accuracy. This feature is particularly useful for evaluating the aesthetics of your models and simulating real-world lighting conditions.
  • Stability: The optimized drivers and rigorous testing ensure stability while working on complex projects in SolidWorks.

    The Quadro P620 is designed to handle large assemblies and intricate designs without experiencing any significant performance issues.

  • VR Support: If you are interested in exploring virtual reality (VR) capabilities in SolidWorks, the Quadro P620 provides ample power to handle VR simulations. This can enhance your design process by providing an immersive experience while evaluating your models.


The Nvidia Quadro P620, while a powerful GPU, does have some limitations that you should consider before making a purchase:

  • Memory: With 2GB of GDDR5 memory, the Quadro P620 may struggle with extremely large assemblies or complex simulations that require more memory. If you frequently work with such demanding projects, you may need to consider a GPU with higher memory capacity.
  • Price: Compared to consumer-grade GPUs, professional-grade graphics cards like the Quadro series tend to be more expensive. However, if SolidWorks is an essential part of your workflow and demands high-quality rendering and stability, the investment in a dedicated GPU like the Quadro P620 can be well worth it.


The Nvidia Quadro P620 is an excellent choice for SolidWorks users who require a reliable and high-performance GPU. Its compatibility, certifications, and feature set make it a suitable option for professionals working with SolidWorks.

While it does have some limitations, the Quadro P620’s strengths in stability, real-time rendering, and VR support outweigh these drawbacks. Consider your specific needs and budget before making a final decision, but rest assured that the Quadro P620 is a capable GPU for SolidWorks.