Is There a Dark Theme for Figma?

As the world of design becomes increasingly digital, the need for an intuitive and easy to use software for creating user interfaces grows. Many designers have turned to Figma, a cloud-based vector graphics editor that allows for collaboration between designers. One of the most popular features of Figma is its ability to customize your designs with a dark theme. But is there a dark theme for Figma?

The answer is yes! In fact, Figma recently introduced the ability to create dark themes with its updated interface. You can find the dark theme setting in the Preferences menu, under Appearance. Here you can customize your workspace by switching between light and dark mode. You can also adjust background colors, fonts, and other elements to create your own unique look.

In addition to offering a customizable dark theme, Figma also offers several pre-made themes that you can choose from. These themes are designed to give you a professional look without having to create your own custom design. You can select from options like “Light & Dark” or “Dark & Bold” to get started quickly.

Figma also offers several tools and plugins that allow you to customize your design even further. For example, you can use Color Designer Plugin or Color Palette Generator Plugin to easily change colors in your design or adjust brightness levels in different parts of it. These tools give you more control over how your design looks and make it easier than ever before.


Yes, there is a dark theme for Figma!

It has been recently introduced and allows for customization of background colors, fonts, and other elements. In addition, there are also several pre-made themes as well as plugins that allow you to further customize your design. With these features available in Figma, it has become easier than ever before for designers to create stunning user interfaces with ease!