Is There a Desktop App for Canva?

Canva, a web-based graphic design toolkit, has become an essential tool for people who use graphic design in their work. Its user-friendly interface, extensive library of templates and powerful editing tools make it a great choice for both professionals and beginners alike. However, many users have been asking the question – is there a desktop app for Canva?

The good news is that there is now a desktop app for Canva. This was made possible by the launch of the Canva Desktop App Beta Program in August 2020.

The app provides users with access to all of the features available on the web version of Canva, as well as additional features such as offline access and support for larger projects. Additionally, the app gives users access to their Canva library on their desktop, making it easier to search for images and templates.

The Canva Desktop App is available on both Mac and Windows computers. Users can download the app from the official Canva website or from their respective app store (Apple App Store or Microsoft Store). The desktop app also supports a number of languages, including English, Spanish and French.

In addition to being able to access all features available in the web version of Canva, users also have access to some exclusive features in the desktop version. These include:

  • Offline Access: The desktop version allows users to work offline without having an internet connection.
  • High Quality Graphics: Users can create graphics with higher resolutions than what is possible on the web version.
  • Support For Larger Projects: The desktop version allows users to work on projects with more than 1000 elements.
  • Organizational Tools: Users can organize their designs into folders on their computer.

Overall, the launch of the Canva Desktop App Beta Program has been met with great enthusiasm by its users. It provides them with an easy way to access all features available in the web version while also offering exclusive features that make working with graphic design even easier.

To conclude, yes there is a desktop app for Canva which provides its users with more convenience and flexibility when creating graphics.