What Canva Font Is Closest to Century Gothic?

Canva is an online graphic design platform that provides a simple and efficient way to create beautiful designs. One of the most important elements of Canva design is font selection.

The platform offers a wide selection of fonts that can be used to create stunning visual communication pieces. But, if you are looking for a font similar to Century Gothic, then there are several options available.

Alegreya Sans SC is one of the most similar fonts to Century Gothic available in Canva. It has a slightly more modern aesthetic than Century Gothic, but it still retains many of the same features such as its geometric forms and angular lines. It also has a higher x-height than Century Gothic, which makes it easier to read on screen.

Libre Baskerville is another font that closely resembles Century Gothic in Canva’s library. It was designed by Pablo Impallari specifically for digital use and it also has an increased x-height which makes it more legible on screen. It has a slightly more rounded look than Century Gothic and its letterforms have an elegant feel that is quite attractive.

Raleway is another great option for those looking for a font similar to Century Gothic in Canva’s library. Raleway is a sans serif font designed by Matt McInerney with an increased x-height and slightly more narrow letterforms than Century Gothic. It also has some distinctive features such as curved serifs and angular terminals which make it stand out from other fonts in the same style.

Roboto is another popular font from Canva’s library that closely resembles Century Gothic in terms of its overall look and feel. Roboto was designed by Christian Robertson with an increased x-height and rounded letterforms that give it a modern touch while still retaining some of the classic features of its predecessor.

In conclusion, all four of these fonts – Alegreya Sans SC, Libre Baskerville, Raleway, and Roboto – offer good alternatives to the classic Century Gothic typeface in Canva’s library. Each font offers its own unique aesthetic characteristics while still providing users with an experience that closely resembles working with the original typeface. Therefore, any one of these four fonts can be used as a suitable substitute for those who are looking for what Canva font is closest to century gothic?