What Does Dview Do in Autocad?

The DVIEW command in AutoCAD allows you to dynamically change your view of a 3D drawing. It gives you the ability to move around and view your model from different angles and perspectives. This powerful tool is extremely helpful when working with complex 3D models, as it allows you to easily navigate and explore your design.

Using the DVIEW Command

To use the DVIEW command, simply type DVIEW into the command line and press Enter. This will open up the DVIEW dialog box, where you can make adjustments to your view settings.

Once the dialog box is open, you’ll notice several options that allow you to control your view. Let’s take a closer look at each of these options:


  • Target Point: This option determines the point in space that your camera is looking at. You can either specify a new Target point or use an existing object as the Target.
  • View Direction: This option defines the direction that your camera is facing. You can choose from various predefined directions or enter specific X, Y, and Z values.

Lens Length

  • Field of View: This option controls the extent of your view by adjusting the angle of your lens. A smaller field of view will result in a zoomed-in view, while a larger field of view will give you a wider perspective.

Twist Angle

  • Twist Angle: This option allows you to rotate your view around its Target point. By specifying an angle value, you can easily change the orientation of your view.


  • Viewport: This option determines the viewport where the changes will be applied. You can choose from the active viewport, all viewports, or a specific named viewport.

Once you have made your desired changes to the DVIEW settings, click on the OK button to apply them to your drawing. You will instantly see your view update according to the adjustments you made.

The DVIEW command also provides additional options for creating and modifying views. By exploring these options, you can save and restore views, create perspective views, and even create animation sequences of your model.


The DVIEW command in AutoCAD is an invaluable tool for manipulating your view of a 3D drawing. With its ability to change camera settings, adjust lens length, and rotate views, you have complete control over how you visualize your design. By mastering this command, you can enhance your productivity and efficiently work with complex 3D models in AutoCAD.