What Font Looks Like Canva Typewriter?

Canva Typewriter is a typeface designed by the popular online design platform Canva. It was created to be an easy-to-read and modern font that could be used for both digital and print projects.

It has a unique, mechanical style that sets it apart from traditional serif and sans serif fonts. The font has a striking, bold look that is perfect for headlines and titles, but it can also be used for body text.

Canva Typewriter has a distinctive monospaced lettering style, giving it a vintage feel. Its large x-height makes it easy to read on both screens and in print.

The font’s characters have angled edges, which give them an industrial quality that makes them stand out from other fonts. It also includes ligatures, which are special characters that can help create unique designs when combined with other letters.

The font’s design is inspired by classic typewriters of the past, but it has been updated with modern features like rounded corners and slightly exaggerated letters. Its strong personality makes it perfect for creating eye-catching designs that will stand out from the crowd. Its wide range of weights also allows designers to customize their designs to suit any project.

Canva Typewriter is available in both regular and italic styles as well as seven different weights ranging from light to bold. It includes support for multiple languages including Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic character sets. This makes it suitable for use in both English and non-English projects alike.

Overall, Canva Typewriter is a great choice for designers who want to add an industrial feel to their work while still maintaining legibility and readability on all platforms. Its unique lettering style adds an interesting visual element while still being easy to read on both digital devices and printed materials alike.


Canva Typewriter is a versatile typeface with a unique mechanical style that’s perfect for creating eye-catching designs with personality.

Its monospaced lettering gives it a vintage feel while its large x-height makes it easy to read on both screens and in print. With seven different weights available as well as support for multiple languages, Canva Typewriter is sure to be the ideal choice for any project.