What Is a Retro Font in Canva?

A retro font is a type of font style that reflects a certain era.

It typically has an old-fashioned look and feel to it, with unique shapes and curves that can bring an old-timey feel to any project. Retro fonts are popular for designing logos, posters, and other creative projects.

Canva is an online design platform that makes it easy for people of all skill levels to create professional graphics for social media, presentations, and other projects. Canva offers a large collection of fonts to choose from, including many vintage fonts that can be used to add a retro vibe to designs.

When selecting a retro font in Canva, users can choose from two different categories: classic or modern. Classic retro fonts will have an authentic vintage look and feel while modern retro fonts tend to be more stylized with more contemporary touches.

Canva also offers several additional features when creating designs with retro fonts. Users can adjust the size of their text as well as change its color or add shadow effects. They can also use the “Text Effects” tool to apply effects such as outlines or texture to their text.


Retro fonts are an excellent way to add a nostalgic touch to any design project. With Canva’s wide selection of vintage-style fonts and advanced editing tools, users can easily create unique designs that capture the spirit of past eras.