What Is Figma Zeplin?

Figma Zeplin is an online design collaboration tool created by the Figma design team. It is a platform that allows designers to share their work with the team, without having to export or save files. This makes it easier for teams to work together and collaborate on projects from any device.

Figma Zeplin enables designers to easily create wireframes, prototypes, and mockups in a collaborative environment. Designers can also use the platform to generate user interface elements for their projects. The platform also provides tools for design feedback, allowing users to comment on each other’s designs and provide feedback in real-time. This helps the team stay on the same page and make sure everyone is working efficiently towards a shared goal.

Figma Zeplin also offers an extensive library of icons, fonts, and templates that can be used to create stunning visuals for projects.

The library includes popular icon sets such as Material Design Icons and FontAwesome as well as templates from popular design systems like Bootstrap and Foundation.

The Figma Zeplin platform also includes features that enable teams to collaborate more effectively. Designers can communicate with each other directly through the platform’s chat feature or through comments within the project itself. They can also invite stakeholders into the project so they can provide feedback or view progress.

Overall, Figma Zeplin is a powerful collaboration tool that helps teams work together more effectively while creating beautiful designs quickly and easily. With its extensive library of icons, fonts, templates and other valuable features, it is a great choice for any team looking to collaborate on design projects.

What Is Figma Zeplin? Figma Zeplin is an online collaboration tool designed by the Figma design team which enables designers to share their work with others without having to save or export files. It provides tools for creating wireframes, prototypes, mockups and user interface elements as well as an extensive library of icons, fonts and templates for visuals. Additionally, it offers various features that help teams collaborate such as direct chat communication and inviting stakeholders into projects.