What Is Hole Wizard in SolidWorks?

What Is Hole Wizard in SolidWorks?

Hole Wizard is a powerful tool in SolidWorks that allows users to create various types of holes and threads with great ease and accuracy. It is an essential feature for anyone working in the field of mechanical design and engineering.

Why Use Hole Wizard?

Using Hole Wizard offers several advantages over manually creating holes in SolidWorks. Some key benefits include:

  • Time-saving: The automated nature of Hole Wizard significantly reduces the time required to create holes compared to manual methods.
  • Precision: Hole Wizard ensures precise hole placement, size, and depth, which is crucial for proper assembly and manufacturing processes.
  • Standardization: The tool provides a wide variety of industry-standard hole types, making it easier to follow design standards and best practices.

How to Access Hole Wizard

To access the Hole Wizard tool, follow these steps:

  1. Open SolidWorks and create a new part or open an existing one.
  2. In the Command Manager or the menu bar, click on Insert.
  3. In the drop-down menu, click on Hole Wizard.

The Different Types of Holes Supported by Hole Wizard

Simple Holes

Simple holes are basic cylindrical holes that can be created using Hole Wizard. You can define various parameters such as hole type (counterbore, countersink, or straight), diameter, depth, and position.


Countersinks are conical recesses created at the top of a hole to accommodate flathead screws or bolts. With Hole Wizard, you can easily create countersinks of different angles and dimensions.


Counterbores are cylindrical recesses created at the top of a hole to accommodate socket head cap screws or bolts. Hole Wizard allows you to define the diameter, depth, and position of counterbores.


Spotfaces are flat surfaces created around a hole to ensure proper contact between mating parts. SolidWorks Hole Wizard provides an option to add spotfaces, allowing for better control over the design.

Customizing Hole Wizard

SolidWorks also allows users to customize Hole Wizard to suit their specific needs. You can create custom hole sizes, types, and standards by modifying the Hole Wizard database. This customization feature enhances productivity and allows for greater flexibility in design.


Hole Wizard is a versatile and time-saving tool in SolidWorks that simplifies the creation of holes in mechanical designs. By providing an array of industry-standard hole types and customization options, it empowers designers and engineers to create accurate models efficiently. Whether you need simple holes or more complex features like countersinks and spotfaces, Hole Wizard is your go-to tool for all your hole creation needs in SolidWorks.