What Is Ordinate Dimension in Autocad?

What Is Ordinate Dimension in AutoCAD?

In AutoCAD, ordinate dimension is a type of dimensioning tool used to measure the location of objects or features in relation to a fixed reference point. It is commonly used in engineering and architectural drawings to provide precise measurements for accurate construction and design.

How Does Ordinate Dimension Work?

Ordinate dimensioning involves establishing a base point or origin from which all other measurements are referenced. This base point is typically set at the intersection of two lines or at the origin of a coordinate system. The distances of objects or features are then measured along two axes, usually the X and Y axes.

To apply ordinate dimensions in AutoCAD:

  1. Select the Dimension tool from the toolbar.
  2. Choose the desired ordinate dimensioning tool.
  3. Select the base point or origin on your drawing.
  4. Specify the position of each object or feature along the X and Y axes.

The ordinate dimensions will then be displayed as distances from the base point along each axis, providing clear and precise measurements for positioning objects accurately.

The Benefits of Using Ordinate Dimension:


  • Ordinate dimensioning allows for precise measurement and positioning of objects, ensuring accuracy in design and construction.
  • The use of fixed reference points eliminates errors that may occur with other dimensioning methods.


  • Ordinate dimension tools in AutoCAD streamline the measurement process by eliminating the need for multiple dimensions.
  • It saves time and reduces the complexity of dimensioning large drawings.


  • The base point or origin can be easily adjusted, allowing for changes in measurement reference if required.
  • Ordinate dimensions can be added or modified without affecting the overall layout of the drawing.

Tips for Using Ordinate Dimension in AutoCAD:

Organize Your Drawing:

Before applying ordinate dimensions, ensure that your drawing is properly organized. Use layers to group related objects and features, making it easier to select and dimension them accurately.

Utilize Snap and Grid Settings:

Enable snap and grid settings in AutoCAD to align objects precisely and achieve accurate measurements along the X and Y axes.

Add Tolerance Values:

Include tolerance values in your ordinate dimensions to indicate allowable variations in measurements. This helps communicate design specifications effectively.

In Conclusion

Ordinate dimensioning is a powerful tool in AutoCAD that facilitates precise measurement and positioning of objects or features. By establishing a fixed reference point and measuring distances along two axes, it ensures accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility in designing and constructing drawings. Utilize the tips mentioned above to effectively incorporate ordinate dimensioning into your AutoCAD projects.