What Is Preserve Scroll Position in Figma?

The concept of preserving scroll position in Figma is an important one for designers, as it allows them to work more efficiently and effectively. It enables users to quickly find the elements they need and keep their spot in the project even after making changes.

In short, it’s a useful feature that helps designers stay organized and productive.

Preserve Scroll Position is a feature available in Figma that automatically saves the position of the scroll bar when making changes to a design file. This means that when you make changes to your design, such as adding or deleting elements or moving things around, the scroll bar will remain in its current position so that you can easily find the element you were working on without having to scroll all the way back up or down.

This is especially useful when working on large projects with multiple layers or pages, as it prevents designers from getting lost when going back and forth between different parts of their project. It also makes it easier to quickly locate specific elements within a design without having to manually search through multiple layers or pages.

Another benefit of Preserve Scroll Position is that it helps designers work more efficiently by allowing them to focus on the task at hand rather than hunting for specific elements within their project. By keeping their spot in the project, users can quickly move between different parts of their design without having to go back and forth between different layers or pages.

In conclusion, Preserve Scroll Position in Figma is an essential feature for any designer who wants to work faster and more effectively. It allows users to quickly find elements within a project without having to manually search through various layers and pages, which can save time and improve productivity. In addition, it helps designers stay organized by ensuring they can always get back to where they left off even after making changes.