What Is the Scale of Figma Figures?

Figma figures are highly stylized and detailed collectible action figures that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Unlike traditional action figures, Figma figures are made with a unique combination of plastic and metal parts, giving them a highly realistic look and feel. They typically feature intricate detailing, such as sculpted hair, clothing, and accessories. They also have a wide range of articulation points allowing for dynamic posing possibilities.

The scale of Figma figures varies depending on the figure you choose. Some are 1/12 scale (also known as “3 3/4”) which is roughly the same size as Hasbro’s Star Wars action figures.

Other Figma figures are larger, such as the 1/6 scale (also known as “6-inch”) which is roughly the same size as Marvel Legends or DC Collectibles action figures. The smaller 1/12 scale Figmas are great for displaying in shelves or cases due to their size, while the larger 1/6 scale ones are better suited for dynamic posing and can be used with other 6-inch action figure lines to create custom scenes.

In addition to their size variations, Figma figures also come in a variety of styles such as anime-inspired designs and more realistic models based on popular characters from movies, TV shows and video games. The level of detail on each figure is impressive regardless of its size or style; they all feature intricate sculpting and painting that make them stand out from other action figure lines on the market today.

What Is The Scale Of Figma Figures?

Figma figures come in a variety of sizes including 1/12 scale (3 3/4 inch) and 1/6 scale (6 inch). Regardless of its size or style, each Figma figure features impressive detail that makes it stand out from other action figure lines.

In conclusion, the scale of Figma Figures varies depending on what type you get – they come in both 1/12 (3 3/4-inch) and 1/6 (6-inch) scales – but all feature impressive levels of detail regardless of their size or style.