What Is Zeplin vs Figma?

Zeplin and Figma are two of the most popular design programs used by web designers and developers. They both provide powerful tools for creating sleek, professional designs with ease. But, which one is better?

What Is Zeplin?
Zeplin is a software program specifically designed for web designers and developers. It’s a collaborative platform that helps you create pixel-perfect designs quickly and easily.

It offers features such as auto-layout, style guides, and asset sharing to make the design process smoother and faster. Additionally, Zeplin provides an array of integrations with various other programs so you can easily import your designs into them.

What Is Figma?
Figma is another online design program made specifically for web designers. Unlike Zeplin, it is a vector-based program which allows you to create scaled illustrations with no loss of resolution.

It also offers features such as auto-layout, but it has more advanced options such as integration with Sketch and Adobe XD. Additionally, Figma offers an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to get started designing right away.

Zeplin vs Figma: What Are the Differences?
The main difference between Zeplin and Figma is the type of graphics they are designed for: Zeplin is built for creating pixel-based designs while Figma is specialized for vector illustrations. Additionally, Zeplin has more integrations than Figma which makes it easier to move your design from one program to another without any trouble. However, Figma’s vector-based system allows you to create scaled illustrations without any loss in resolution which makes it ideal for creating logos or icons.

Conclusion – What Is Zeplin vs Figma?
In conclusion, both Zeplin and Figma are great tools for web designers and developers alike; however, each offers its own advantages based on what type of graphics you’re working on. If you need pixel-based designs then Zeplin will be the better choice since it has more integrations; however, if you need vector illustrations then Figma would be a better option since its vector system allows you to scale your illustrations without any loss in resolution.