Where Do I Update My Figma?

Figma is a powerful and innovative design tool that is becoming increasingly popular among graphic designers and web developers. It allows users to create high-quality visuals for websites, apps, and other projects quickly and easily.

As the program continues to grow in popularity, it’s important for users to keep their Figma software up-to-date. Updating Figma can help make sure that the most current features are available, increase security, and provide an overall smoother experience.

To update Figma, users should first open the program. On the left side of the screen, they will see a “+” icon.

Clicking this icon will open a window with several options, one of which is “Check for Updates.” When this option is selected, Figma will search for any available updates and prompt the user if any are found.

If an update is available, users should click “Install Update.” This will begin the updating process.

Depending on the size of the update, it may take some time to complete. During this period, it’s important to keep Figma open until it finishes installing so that all of its components are properly updated.

In addition to manually checking for updates within Figma itself, users can also set up automatic updates. To do so, they must go into their computer’s system settings and select “Software Updates.” From there they can adjust their preferences so that all software programs on their computer receive regular updates as soon as they become available.

Updating Figma can be beneficial in many ways. Not only does it ensure that users have access to all of the latest features and tools within the program but it also helps protect against security threats and potential bugs that could cause issues with user projects.


Keeping your Figma software up-to-date is essential if you want to make sure you’re taking advantage of all its features and staying secure while doing so. To update your version of Figma manually you can check for new versions within the program itself or set up automatic updates through your computer’s system settings.