Where Is Grip in AutoCAD?

Where Is Grip in AutoCAD?

If you are an AutoCAD user, you might have wondered where the grip is and how it can be useful in your drawings. In this tutorial, we will explore the grip feature in AutoCAD and understand its capabilities.

What is Grip?

Grip is a powerful tool in AutoCAD that allows you to manipulate objects by clicking and dragging specific points on them. These points are known as grips, and they provide a convenient way to edit and modify objects without the need for complex commands.

Locating the Grip

The grip can be found at the edges or corners of an object. When you select an object, small squares known as grips appear on these key points. You can easily identify them by their distinctive appearance.

To locate the grip:

  • Select the object you want to manipulate.
  • Look for small squares at the edges or corners of the object.
  • These squares are grips.

Using Grips

Grips offer several functionalities that make editing objects quick and efficient:


You can move an object by clicking and dragging any of its grips. This allows you to reposition an object without having to use complex commands like “Move” or “Copy.”


To stretch an object using grips:

  • Select one or more grips on the edge of the object.
  • Click and drag the selected grip(s) to resize the object proportionally.


You can rotate an object using a grip on its corner. By clicking and dragging the grip, you can easily change the angle of the object without using any rotation commands.


Grips also allow you to scale an object uniformly. By selecting a grip on an edge or corner, you can resize the object while maintaining its proportions.

Customizing Grips

AutoCAD provides options to customize grips according to your preferences. You can modify their appearance, size, and behavior through various settings in the program.

To customize grips:

  • Open the AutoCAD Options dialog box.
  • Navigate to the “Drafting” tab.
  • Under “Object Snap Options,” choose “Grips.”
  • Here, you can adjust different parameters such as color, size, and behavior of grips.


Grip is a powerful feature in AutoCAD that allows you to manipulate objects quickly and efficiently. By simply clicking and dragging grips, you can move, stretch, rotate, and scale objects without relying on complex commands.

Additionally, AutoCAD provides customization options for grips so that you can tailor their appearance and behavior according to your preferences. With this knowledge of grips, you can enhance your productivity in AutoCAD and streamline your design workflow.