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Figma is a powerful and versatile design tool that can be used by beginners, experienced designers, and everyone in between. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create your own designs using the Frame Tool in Figma.

To get started, press F to select the Frame Tool and choose the Google Pixel 2 XL preset. This will create a new frame with dimensions that match the size of the device’s screen.

Next, press R to rotate the frame so that it’s oriented in landscape mode.

You can also use other commands such as CMD+Shift+K to resize or rotate the frame if necessary.

Now it’s time to add some content. Press M to select the Rectangle Tool, then click and drag on the canvas to create a new rectangle shape. You can easily customize its color and size using the Inspector panel on the right side of your screen.

Finally, you can add some text by selecting the Text Tool (T) and typing out your message directly onto your canvas. You can also adjust its font size, color, alignment, and more using Figma’s extensive text property options.

With just these few steps, beginners can quickly learn how to use Figma’s Frame Tool to create their own designs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating beautiful designs with Figma!

In conclusion, Figma is an incredibly user-friendly design tool that makes it easy for people of all skillsets to create amazing designs quickly and easily. With just a few clicks of a button and some basic knowledge of Figma’s tools, anyone can start creating stunning visuals for their projects!