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Figma Izuku Midoriya, otherwise known as Deku, is the main protagonist of the popular anime series My Hero Academia. He is a student of U.A.

High School and has been gifted with a special power called ‘One-For-All’. Figma Deku is the latest incarnation of this beloved character from Good Smile Company in the form of a highly detailed and articulated figure.

Figma Deku stands at an impressive 135mm in height and boasts an incredible range of articulation, allowing fans to capture all their favourite poses from the show. The figure comes with three facial expressions – his standard expression, a determined expression and an excited expression – as well as interchangeable hair parts to recreate his iconic hairstyle. The detailing on this figure is also fantastic – from Izuku’s signature red scarf to his iconic green hero suit, every detail has been faithfully recreated in plastic form.

In terms of accessories, Figma Deku comes with two sets of hands – one set featuring open palms while the other set features closed fists – as well as several effect parts that can be used to recreate his signature ‘One-For-All Smash’ move from the show. The figure also comes with its own stand for easy posing and display purposes, ensuring that collectors can bring this iconic character to life in their own home or office space.

Figma Izuku Midoriya is an incredibly detailed and faithful recreation of one of the most beloved characters in anime history, making it a must-have for any fan of My Hero Academia or just action figures in general. The incredible range of articulation combined with the faithful recreation of his iconic costume make this figure an absolute must-have for any fan looking to bring their favourite hero into their collection in plastic form.

In conclusion, Figma Deku stands approximately 135mm tall and offers fans an incredibly detailed and articulated way to recreate all their favourite poses from My Hero Academia with ease. With its faithful recreation of Izuku’s costume and accessories, along with its excellent range of articulation and detailed sculpting, it’s clear why this figure has become so popular among fans of anime figures all over the world!