Are Canva Stock Photos Royalty Free?

Canva is one of the most popular graphic design software programs on the market today, and for good reason. Canva offers a wide selection of stock photos, illustrations, and other visual elements that you can use to create stunning designs. But what about the royalty-free status of these images?

The short answer is yes: Canva does offer many stock images that are free from royalty fees. You can find these in the “Free” section of their library, which includes a selection of over 1 million images and illustrations. These images are all released under Creative Commons Zero (CC0), which means they are completely free to use without any attribution or fees.

However, not all of Canva’s stock photos are royalty-free. The “Premium” section contains images that do require some form of attribution or payment, such as a subscription fee. If you’re looking for high-quality visuals for commercial use, this is where you’ll need to look.

It’s important to note that the CC0 license does not give you ownership over the image – it simply allows you to use it freely without having to pay royalties or provide attribution. So if you intend on using an image for commercial purposes or editing it significantly, it’s best to purchase an extended license from Canva.


Yes, Canva offers many stock photos that are free from royalty fees under the CC0 license. However, some of their premium images may require payment or attribution depending on how they’re used. It’s important to understand the difference between these types of licenses before using any image from Canva’s library.