Are Canva Videos Royalty Free?

Canva videos are becoming increasingly popular for creating stunning visuals for digital marketing and advertising. But, many people are still uncertain if Canva videos are truly royalty-free.

The answer is yes, Canva videos are 100% royalty-free.

Canva’s library of royalty-free videos is expansive and contains thousands of high-quality clips from a variety of sources. All the clips in the library are categorized by topic so that you can quickly find the perfect video for your needs. Additionally, Canva has partnered with some of the biggest video content creators to provide exclusive footage so you can create unique and original visuals.

Canva also offers various editing tools to make sure that your video looks as professional as possible. You can easily add text, transitions, effects, music and more to customize your video exactly how you want it. You can even adjust the speed of individual clips or entire sequences to customize the timing of your video.

Another great thing about Canva’s royalty-free video library is that all the clips come with the necessary license information so you don’t have to worry about any copyright infringement issues when using them in your projects. And, since all the clips are available for free, there’s no need to pay any additional fees for using them.


So, when it comes to creating stunning visuals for digital marketing and advertising, Canva provides a great solution with its library of royalty-free videos. All their clips come with easy-to-understand licensing information and there are no additional fees required for using them in your projects.

So yes, Canva videos are indeed royalty-free!