Are Designs on Canva Copyrighted?

The answer is yes, designs created in Canva are copyrighted. This means that the creator of the design is the sole owner of the copyright and has exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, and perform the work.

Canva offers a wide variety of design templates and elements to choose from. Once you have selected your design and customised it, you can then save it as a finished product. Canva also has an ‘alt’ tag which allows users to describe their images for search engine optimisation purposes.

When you create a design in Canva, you automatically own all rights to it, including the copyright. You can use your design however you like; share it online or print it out, as long as it’s not used for commercial purposes without your permission. If someone uses your design without permission or tries to claim ownership of it, they are breaking copyright law and can be held liable in court.

If you want to protect yourself further against copyright infringement when using Canva, you should register your designs with a copyright office or a Creative Commons license. This will ensure that no one can steal or use your work without permission.


In conclusion, designs created in Canva are copyrighted and therefore protected from any unauthorized use or distribution. To ensure that your work remains safe from infringement, consider registering it with a copyright office or Creative Commons license.