Are Figma Plugins Safe?

Are Figma Plugins Safe?

Plugins are a great way to extend the functionality of Figma and make your design workflow more efficient. But are they safe to use? The answer is a resounding yes.

Figma puts a lot of effort into making sure that all plugins that are available in their Plugin Store are safe and secure. Before any plugin is made available in the store, it goes through an extensive review process. This ensures that all plugins are secure and free from any malicious code or activity.

Furthermore, Figma takes extra precautions to make sure that your data is kept safe and secure when using plugins. All plugins have access to limited amounts of data, ensuring that your data remains private and secure at all times. Additionally, all plugin developers must follow the Plugin Store Terms of Service which outlines their responsibilities for keeping customer data safe.

The security measures put in place by Figma have proven effective as there have been no reported cases of malicious code or activity related to plugins on the platform since it launched in 2016. This shows just how seriously Figma takes security when it comes to its plugin store.

Overall, users can rest assured knowing that their data is secure when using plugins with Figma. The extensive review process ensures that only quality plugins are made available in the store while also protecting users from potential malicious activities within the platform.


Figma takes security seriously and all of their plugins are safe and secure for users to use. Through an extensive review process before publishing them, as well as limiting the amount of data each plugin has access to, users can trust that their data remains protected when using any plugin from the Figma Plugin Store.