Are Fonts Free on Canva?

Nowadays, there are tons of ways to create beautiful designs for a variety of purposes. One popular tool for creating designs is Canva.

It’s an online program that allows users to create graphics and layouts using its built-in templates and tools. One of the important elements in most designs are fonts, and so it’s natural to wonder if fonts are free on Canva.

The answer is yes, many fonts on Canva are absolutely free. Canva offers a huge library of fonts for you to choose from – both free and paid. All the fonts in their library are high quality, so you can be sure that whatever font you use will look great.

The free fonts on Canva include a variety of typefaces, such as sans serif, serif, script, display, handwriting, and even more unique styles. With these options available, you should be able to find a font perfect for your design needs.

Canva also offers premium fonts that cost money. These paid fonts come with additional features like alternate characters and stylistic sets. They also have an extensive selection of logo templates that have been created by professional designers.


In conclusion, Canva offers both free and paid fonts for users to choose from. Whether you need something simple or something more elaborate, there should be a font in their library for your needs. So yes – many fonts on Canva are free!