Are There Icons in Figma?

Icons are essential in digital design, helping to communicate ideas quickly and effectively. But are there icons in Figma?

Figma is a powerful design and prototyping tool that’s becoming increasingly popular for web and mobile development. It has a wide range of features for creating layouts, working with components, manipulating vectors, and more.

But what about icons? Does Figma offer icons or do designers have to source them from elsewhere?

The answer is yes! Figma does offer a library of over 500,000 icons. These icons are all vector-based, so they can be easily scaled and edited to fit into your designs.

They come in a range of styles including line art, flat design, and more. You can search through the library by keyword or browse categories such as education, medical, sports, environment, technology and more. You can also find collections created by other users that have gathered icons around certain topics or themes.

In addition to the library of existing icons, Figma also allows you to create your own custom icons using their vector drawing tools. This can be useful if you need something specific for your project that isn’t available in the library or you want to create something unique with your own style.

There’s no denying that having access to an extensive icon library is beneficial for digital designers. By offering both a wide selection of ready-made icons as well as tools for creating custom ones from scratch, Figma has made it easier than ever before for designers to find exactly what they need without having to look elsewhere.

Conclusion: Yes! There are icons in Figma – with over 500,000 vector-based options available in their library as well as tools for creating custom ones from scratch. This makes it easy for designers to find exactly what they need whether it’s existing or custom made icons.